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College of Social Work

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Minor in Social Work

A minor in social work will give you insight into helping people enhance their well-being. Learning social work theories and principles can help you make a difference, whether your primary studies are in education, the health sciences or another area.

The social work minor is open to undergraduate students at the University of South Carolina and introduces you to the knowledge, values and skills of social work. In addition, you may use the social work minor in collaboration with several majors to enhance career opportunities and serve as preparation for graduate study.

Required Courses

You must complete 18 hours of coursework to earn a minor in social work — six hours of required coursework and 12 hours of electives.

The two required courses are:

  • SOWK 201 – Introduction to Social Work Profession and Social Welfare
  • SOWK 222 – Social Welfare Institutions, Policies and Programs

Minor Electives

You must complete 12 credit hours in courses such as the following:

  • SOWK 303 – Social Welfare Services for Children and Youth
  • SOWK 304 – Social Welfare Services to Older Adults and Their Families
  • SOWK 305 – Social Welfare Services for Women and Minorities
  • SOWK 307 – International Social Work and Social Justice
  • SOWK 309 – Life Transitions: Loss and Grief
  • SOWK 322 - Social Policy Analysis
  • SOWK 331 – Diversity and Social Justice in Contemporary Society
  • SOWK 341 - Human Behavior and Social Environment (HBSE): Individual Development Across the Life Span
  • SOWK 352 - Social Work and Scientific Inquiry
  • SOWK 399 – Independent Study
  • SOWK 404 – Current Issues in Social Welfare

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