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Cyber Intelligence

Cyber intelligence expands the cyber world beyond code and technology. Our degree prepares you to master all sides of cybersecurity challenges: political, psychological and global.

What to Expect

Computer security is an international challenge affecting everything from social media to the democratic process of voting. Recent computer hacks have shut down a gas pipeline, slowed the meat-packing industry and exposed government secrets. Defending against cybersecurity threats is an ever-increasing need and requires a holistic approach, and a growing number of jobs require skills in identifying cyber security issues and developing responses that are sensitive to cultural, institutional, and ethical issues.

Cyber intelligence emphasizes the operational and policy issues related to cybersecurity. As a result, cyber intelligence places emphasis on the human intelligence aspects of network security that require knowledge in human factors, human behavior and the cultural influence of these. In contrast to degrees that are predominantly engineering or computer science, cyber intelligence draws from technical expertise in the arts and sciences to train students to understand how language and cultural differences affect the way people process cyber information and interact with technology.

A degree in cyber intelligence prepares you for a career defending the security of personal privacy, government and military operations, and corporate data, with a well-rounded education that champions critical thinking and problem solving.


Undergraduate Degree

B B.S. with a major in Cyber Intelligence

Within the College of Arts and Sciences, the degree in cyber intelligence is one of the newest degrees offered at the university and fills a specialized area of critical need. 

The following courses fulfill some of the course requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Cyber Intelligence:

  • Data Analytics
  • Ethics
  • Psychology
  • Law and Public Policy
  • Tools for Information Security
  • Domestic and Global Cyber Challenges


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